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A New Life Saved by the Gift of Life December 27, 2012

Griffin NICU    Many of our patients probably remember our previous Office Manager Virginia Wall.  She retired last winter after giving birth to her 3rd child!  Now, as our 3rd Annual Kellerman Dental Blood Drive approaches, she has a message to share with all of you.

Griffin Wall was born January 13th, 2012 with a rare blood enzyme deficiency, G6PDD (Glucose-6-Phosphate-Dehydrogenase Deficiency). Virginia is a genetic carrier of this deficiency.  There are all different levels of this disorder, but Griffin’s case is very severe.  His red blood cells don’t even form properly, and they “burst” too easily.  His little body has adapted to making 10x the red blood cells as a normal individual, but despite this, he will likely be anemic (not sustaining enough healthy red blood cells in his system) for life, and will potentially need periodic blood transfusions.  Griffin needed 3 blood transfusions in his first 3 months of life, and
another when he was 11 months old, for a total of 4 life-saving transfusions.

Griffin 1st transfusion   Virginia has 2 brothers and a grandpa with this blood enzyme deficiency, and has always been an advocate of blood donation.  Now that her own child has been affected, she asks all that are able to please give this wonderful gift of life.  These are not simple words; the kindness of 4 strangers has literally saved her child’s life.


“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”

—Winston Churchill


Oooh Baby! Another Baby?! September 29, 2011

After sitting on the sidelines for nine whole months, our very own Dr. Kellerman and his wonderful wife, Amanda, have jumped feet first into the baby pool that is Kellerman Cosmetic and Family Dentistry!

Anticipating the arrival of a new family addition is challenging enough, but when you’re waiting to discover the gender until their grand entrance is made, it’s even worse. But all was well in the world on Wednesday September 28th at 2:11am – Everett John Kellerman made his first long-awaited appearance. At 7 lbs 6 oz and 21 inches long, we know he’s destined for greatness! Mom and dad are looking to set their “longest time without sleep” record!

If you haven’t noticed, we’re quite the family at Kellerman Dental and adding another to the bunch is a momentous occasion. With a mom and dad like Dr. K and Amanda, we’re sureEverettwill be a straight-A, mountain climbing, kayaking, marathon-running, classic rock loving bundle of awesomeness – with a wonderful set of teeth of course.

But don’t worry, we won’t allow littleEverettto sway our monthly Cavity Club contest. (wink wink!)

We send our best to Dr. K and his growing family. Please send your best wishes below!


Shake, Rattle and Roll – The Adventures in Loosing Baby Teeth August 16, 2011

Ahh, baby teeth. As a parent, the beginning of teething is not only a milestone in your little one’s life, but also a period of time that keeps you on your toes! From the first days of excessive drool to the finale of four teeth on top and four on the bottom, it’s quite an extravaganza that moms and dads and babies go through, too. Once the fussiness fades and toothy grins appear, finally – relief!

But that relief sticks around for about five or six years until – gulp – now they’re supposed to lose them?! You surely wonder: When are they supposed to start losing them? What do I do if it hurts them? Should we help pull that wiggly bothersome tooth? Well we’re here to give you some details about what to expect, when to expect it and, of course, how to deal.

Most kids begin losing their baby teeth at five or six years, but it’s possible to begin as young as four or as old as eight. There is no strict timeline to follow when it comes to ‘out with the old, in with the new’. Although you may find that the earlier baby teeth arrived, the earlier they’ll lose them.

By the time they’re at even the earliest possible age of four, you’ll have already seen the dentist. If by chance it seems to be getting late and no teeth are loosening, feel free to inquire with Dr. Kellerman for some x-rays to check their jaw for what to come. More often than not, the teeth are simply not ready, and on the upside, the longer they’re in, the stronger and more cavity-resistant they are. (Bonus!)

Although when the time does come, that little tooth starts to wiggle around when your kid is eating, brushing their teeth, chewing gum – you name it. And while loosing baby teeth is generally painless, you remember, it is annoying! It’s an awfully unsettling feeling to have an unstable tooth, so is it ok to help that tooth along a bit? Yes! While most of the time, the teeth will loosen and fall out on their own if they get stuck in food or swallowed (which is nothing to worry about!), sometimes they just hang by a thread for weeks! You should never force a loose tooth, but wiggling it a bit is safe. Remember, no yanking, just wiggling and rotating!

Loosing a tooth is a monumental step in your kid’s life, so make it fun! While we can’t say we’re sure what the going rate is for the Tooth Fairy, we’re strong advocates of rewarding with ‘Big Kid Dental Baskets’. Maybe a new toothbrush, awesomely flavored toothpaste, pink or blue mouthwash (with fluoride!), and sure, maybe a couple dollars. Remember that excitement of reaching under your pillow?

Once the new tooth starts to grow in, don’t be too alarmed when the baby teeth still intact seem much whiter, it’s completely normal and will become much less noticeable once more permanent teeth come in. And what if those new teeth look so big? No real worries there either! Your child’s head will continue to grow and all will become proportionate. While you can though, be sure to take tons of the funny photos.

Still looking for a bit more information in all things related to early dental care? Check out our page specifically dedicated to the various stages. You’ll even find an interactive tool that takes you through the process of your baby’s first teeth to their final set of permanent teeth!

Do you have a funny story about your kids losing a tooth? Tell us about it!


Cavity Free-That’s Me! June 20, 2011

It’s ok to admit it.  If you’re a parent, summer strikes and you tend to let your guard down just a bit (maybe, a lot!).  The kids have done their best in school, sports and other extra-curricular activities, so summertime is a reward!  Lunchboxes full of wholesome treats may give way to multiple sprints to the ice cream truck during the week, sugary fruit drinks are replacing milk/water, and late nights playing outside might cause one to forget to brush those teeth before they’re tuckered out, fast asleep in bed still wearing their play clothes.  Don’t feel guilty, it happens!


While it’s easy to get out of the dental hygiene routine, there’s always a way back.  Kids consider summertime the ultimate freedom so maybe they don’t want to brush their teeth and floss before bedtime and you may often run into the resounding all-to-familiar ‘Nooooo-wuh’.  (You know that response!)  So we’re here to hopefully offer an incentive to keep up on their dental hygiene.  It’s a secret weapon we call the Cavity-Free Club


At Kellerman Dental, we are adamant about dental hygiene in kids, because it may very well determine the future of their adult mouths.  But we also understand that being rewarded for great behavior is always a plus.


Each patient age 11 and under is spotlighted each month for their success in achieving a cavity-free mouth.  Our cavity-free board is displayed for all to see, and we guarantee that each and every photo we have of a smiling face means they’re proud of themselves too.  Besides, who doesn’t like a little extra attention?  We sure know that kids do!


But aside from having their toothy grin added to the club, they receive a ticket after their appointment for a monthly prize drawing.  And here at Kellerman Dental, we go big!  It may be tickets to Six Flags or a movie, a DVD player, Disney on Ice tickets, a slushie maker – you name it!  And even better – at the end of each year we have a grand prize drawing for something like a brand new bike!  Being active and having a cavity-free mouth?  Note that in the scrapbook!


So yes, we are full supporters of letting the hair down, staying up late and eating like a hog, but we also support brushing and flossing.  Reminders of the rewards can be just the ticket to following through with their hygiene.  Remember our Superheroes and Bubblegum blog?  Making dental care fun goes a long way.


Gaining a spot on our Cavity-Free board is quite a feat for the young one – and Mom or Dad, you helped make it happen.  Remember to treat yourself too!


Baby Steps: The Little One’s First Trip to the Dentist April 4, 2011

When you’re a parent, keeping up with your child’s milestones is almost as difficult as keeping up with them when they learn what great use their legs are. You know, the facial expressions, responding to your voice, rolling from side to side, incomprehensible conversations with themselves, checking out their own reflection in the mirror, and wait…could it be? Here it comes! A TOOTH!

So you feverishly get to work brushing like a madwoman (or man, of course!) every morning and every night, ensuring that it stays as perfect as it did when it first came through the gums. Slowly but surely, that lonesome tooth will acquire more friends. You know deep down there will come a day when you must take that precious toothy grin to the dentist. And sure, it’s fine, no worries, right? But…(GULP)…how will they react? And what if I’ve failed and little Jackson has a cavity…or two?! Don’t panic, we’re going to walk you through just a couple of our best tips and tricks to prepare for your first trip. (Make sure you choose a dentist that sees a great number of children on a regular basis. Oh, how convenient – we do!)

Your brushing of the little one’s teeth as soon as they come in is spot on. Small circular motions, super-soft bristles….but wait, what about before they even get teeth? There’s still work to be done mommies and daddies. Use a clean cloth or a finger brush to clean along their gums, and do this every day. When babies are feeding, they tend to allow the breast milk or formula to pool in their mouths, which is a dream come true for plaque build-up. Not only will this be a preventative measure, but it will get baby used to having something poked around in their mouth (and may be quite soothing when teething begins!)

Now one thing is often overlooked when caring for baby teeth. As soon as two teeth are touching, you should begin flossing. The plaque that forms between the teeth is the perfect breeding grounds for cavities, especially in young children. Be gentle and introduce the floss just as you introduced those mashed peas and carrots. Allow them to acquire a ‘taste’ for the routine and get that mouth wide open by making it a game (ie: roar like a lion!).

So, you’ve done all you could to prevent early onset periodontal issues in the little one. You cleaned the gums, brushed the teeth and even begun flossing. And then you find out…they DO have a cavity. Well, now what?

We beg you, don’t feel guilty. There are so many simple changes that can help prevent future cavities!

-Fruit juice overload! Simply allowing fruit juices with meals can make a world of difference. On-the-go bottles and sippy cups should strictly be water. If not, there is a constant sugary, acidic potion attaching itself to teeth.

-Monitoring brush time. It’s not always easy brushing those teeth – it even takes adults awhile to learn to brush correctly! But monitoring toothbrush time until age 8 may be ideal. That way, you’re sure of how much toothpaste is being used (pea-sized!), if they’re making it in all the nooks and crannies (keep an eye on the backsides of the teeth!) and rinsing with mouthwash.

Remember Superheroes and Bubblegum? One reason kids may be getting cavities is because they can’t stand taking care of their teeth, so make it fun! A toothbrush of their favorite character or color can make a world of difference.

We see many children from day-to-day and firmly believe in introducing dental hygiene early on. We deal with first-timers all the time and we are here to ease their mind, and yours as well. Americans will see a dentist at least 150 times during their lifetime – so why not start early to make each visit an easy one!


Superheroes and Bubble Gum February 24, 2011

In our field, we’re fortunate enough to work with people of all ages. We see all ages: from first timers terrified to sit alone in the exam chair to seasoned veterans kicking back as we check on their dental implants. But one thing is for sure, age really does matter when it comes to certain things in life!

By the time a patient is brushing, flossing, and gargling like we suggest, odds are, it’s taken quite a bit of coaxing, convincing, and training over the years. But we understand – kids can’t completely understand the effects of good oral hygiene. It’s hard enough to express the importance to an adult, so imagine telling a six year old that brushing their gums can help prevent a heart attack. Exactly. It doesn’t quite work the same way!

But informing youngsters about oral hygiene is one of those challenges that keeps us on our toes. It’s one aspect of dentistry that will always exist and one that we hope to perfect with time. So as we wrap up February, National Children’s Dental Health Month, we’d love to drop some knowledge!

A week ago, we visited four elementary schools in the Metro East in an effort to educate different age groups on the benefits of taking care of their chompers. The consensus was crystal clear – kids just want to have fun. And making oral hygiene fun makes it an easy part of each and every day.

So we stood up at the front of the classroom with a huge mouth and a massive toothbrush and taught some kindergarteners that brushing in circles is the way to go. And it was quite the bonus lesson, if we do say so ourselves – shapes and oral hygiene? Win/win. And even better, they got a kick out of it. And don’t forget flossing. We showed the third graders that flossing is easy and there really is a technique. They nailed it. We wanted to make sure that their efforts paid off, so we reviewed with games and trivia. Once again, they nailed their lesson and were excited about taking care of their teeth. And once more we realized, they just want to have a good time.

So as professionals in the dental field and you as caring parents, we need to band together and make these future mouth models realize it’s for their own good and not just a mindless task that they must do before school and bed time. Maybe it really is that favorite superhero or Barbie toothbrush that gets them excited. Or possibly an electric one that helps get the job done. Hmm, what about that whole floss deal? Do kids really like mint? Nah, splurge for some bubble gum flavored! And do we even need to go into all the AWESOME kids’ toothpaste characters and flavors? We didn’t think so.

It goes without saying that the reason why you see all those crazy flavored and colored products on shelves is because dental professionals are perfecting child-safe and appealing products because, well…they’re important.

So the next you get ready for bed, be sure to make it fun, maybe play a game. (Who can generate the most toothpaste foam?! Ewww!) Or maybe splurge a little on that pink mouthwash. It may just convince your kids that brushing and flossing really isn’t all that bad.


Baby Boom! January 19, 2011

Hear ye! Hear ye! We’ve been talking about it for months and our three lovely mothers have been enduring it for months – but finally the time has come to congratulate them on the new additions to their families! Babies, babies, everywhere!

We are very happy to report that all the babies are happy and healthy and just can’t wait to sprout some teeth so they can start coming to see us for check-ups. Really, they told us.

But not only is this an exciting time for everyone at the office, it’s an exciting time for YOU! You’ve kept an eye on our baby updates, sent well wishes and of course, decided to get in on the gender guessing game. So first and foremost, what gender did they each come into this world as?!

Dominque’s Little Girl
Karsen Leanne – Born November 15th
7lbs 9oz 18 inches

Jenna’s Little Boy
Nolan Henson – Born December 20th
7lbs 7oz 19.5 inches

Tiffany’s Little Boy
Grant Steven – Born January 7th
8lbs 12oz 19 inches

Did you guess two boys and one girl?! If so, congratulations on a successful shot in the dark! While we had many contestants enter our little contest, only one can be crowned the ultimate Kellerman Baby Gender Guesser. And we are happy to announce the FlipVideo Cam goes to….


Congratulations! Just ask Emily, there are many benefits to being our facebook friend!

Thanks to all who played! Until the next baby…