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Clean, Straight, Uniform – Not to Mention, Gorgeous September 11, 2012

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You know, when it’s been awhile since we’ve chatted, we could only talk about something BIG and BRIGHT. What could that be, you ask? Well, when we think about big and bright, we may think about one thing – and that’s a mouthful of snazzy, jazzy porcelain Lumineers! Now wait! You ask, “But what’s so great about Lumineers?” Well, we’re so happy that you asked!

Many believe that pursuing Lumineers may be purely cosmetic, and while that may be true in some cases, it’s also a great alternative to multiple crowns! What we want to do is convince YOU that deciding to give Lumineers a go is actually a great option to consider! Why is that you ask? You sure are good with questions!

Here are the top five reasons we give our patients who are considering porcelain veneers:

  1. Straight Teeth – Not one to be interested in going through the process of traditional braces, Invisalign or Six Month Smile – Lumineers may be your quick fix.
  2. Stain Free – Are you a fan of red wine or coffee? Well, have we got news for you. Lumineers don’t stain, so you’re free to splurge. (Buuuut, of course, you must still keep up on that brushing!)
  3. Conservative Adjustments – Did you know Lumineers can be applied with very little alteration to natural teeth? Are you one that thought Lumineers meant tons of grinding and destruction of your current teeth? Wrong!
  4. Repair Damage – As we mentioned earlier, sometimes the ‘perfect fit’ (see what we did there?) for damaged teeth is Lumineers. If you have previous damage, chips, scratches or wear – this is a more economical and comfortable fit!
  5. Protection – Sometimes we see patients with genetics that make it a struggle to have healthy teeth. You may do all that you can, but struggles may exist or accidents may happen. So the upside is that Lumineers can help protect and strengthen your teeth to avoid impending treatments.

And just for good measure…

They look fantastic! Lumineers can represent a gorgeous, white, uniformed set of teeth. And we have to say it again – Lumineers are the option for a reinvented mouth with very minimal alterations to your natural teeth!

So really, it’s our turn now to ask a question – what is it that you’re waiting for? We invite you to ask us about veneers!